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An American Indian man on horseback stood outlined against a steely sky past midday on 05 October 1877. Winter was already settling into the prairies of what would soon become the state of Montana. Five white men stood in the swaying grass on the other side of the field, watching the horse move closer. Four […]

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The Ancient Order of Bali https://www.damninteresting.com/the-ancient-order-of-bali/ https://www.damninteresting.com/the-ancient-order-of-bali/#comments Tue, 28 Mar 2023 11:37:22 +0000 https://www.damninteresting.com/?post_type=upcoming&p=80382 The Ancient Order of Bali:

In the 1970s, the Indonesian island of Bali went through a period of rapid change. Along the stunning beaches on the southern side of the island, tourism boomed. Parking lots were put up, together with swinging hot spots and hotels of various colours. Hip young travellers from North America, Europe, and Australasia had “discovered” the […]

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This is Dang Interesting https://www.damninteresting.com/this-is-dang-interesting/ https://www.damninteresting.com/this-is-dang-interesting/#comments Mon, 02 Jan 2023 15:26:28 +0000 https://www.damninteresting.com/?p=78091 This is Dang Interesting:

Happy New Year! This has nothing to do with the new year. We at this website know, reluctantly, that “d*mn” is not always a welcome word. Additionally, we are aware that we have a few articles sporting even saltier vocabularies (settle down, Colonel Sanders!). Countless school teachers have admonished us for our casual profanity, the […]

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Lofty Ambitions https://www.damninteresting.com/lofty-ambitions/ https://www.damninteresting.com/lofty-ambitions/#comments Wed, 14 Dec 2022 13:19:16 +0000 https://www.damninteresting.com/?post_type=upcoming&p=76662 Lofty Ambitions:

One summer day in 1933, in a brief pocket of time between the two World Wars, a British man named Maurice Wilson clutched the stick of his tiny, open air biplane and watched his fuel gauge dwindle. He had only learned to fly two months earlier, but inexperience was not his biggest problem. His lengthy […]

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The Rube’s Dilemma https://www.damninteresting.com/the-rubes-dilemma/ https://www.damninteresting.com/the-rubes-dilemma/#comments Fri, 28 Oct 2022 11:26:19 +0000 https://www.damninteresting.com/?post_type=upcoming&p=75689 The Rube’s Dilemma:

It all started with a hat. A straw boater, to be precise, with a flat, round brim and brightly colored ribbon tied around the crown. Originally popularized by gondoliers in Venice, this jaunty accessory had reached the height of American couture by the turn of the 20th century. The boater became not just a style, […]

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Devouring the Heart of Portugal https://www.damninteresting.com/devouring-the-heart-of-portugal/ https://www.damninteresting.com/devouring-the-heart-of-portugal/#comments Tue, 03 May 2022 12:10:23 +0000 https://www.damninteresting.com/?post_type=upcoming&p=69315 Devouring the Heart of Portugal:

On the morning of Thursday, 04 December 1924, a tall and well-dressed Dutch trader named Karel Marang strolled along Great Winchester Street in the City of London, among the bustling crowds of bankers and brokers of the business district, unaware that the parcel he carried held the power to upend an entire nation. The nation […]

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The Mount St. Helens Trespasser https://www.damninteresting.com/the-mount-st-helens-trespasser/ https://www.damninteresting.com/the-mount-st-helens-trespasser/#comments Mon, 28 Feb 2022 13:42:58 +0000 https://www.damninteresting.com/?post_type=upcoming&p=68674 The Mount St. Helens Trespasser:

The Washington state deputy sheriff looked suspiciously at the motorcycle strapped to the back of the odd little French car. The motorcycle was a recently repaired Honda 90, sporting a fresh coat of grey spray paint. The driver, Robert Rogers, kept a neutral expression as the officer examined his pass for the Red Zone that […]

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Hunting For Kobyla https://www.damninteresting.com/hunting-for-kobyla/ https://www.damninteresting.com/hunting-for-kobyla/#comments Mon, 07 Feb 2022 11:19:11 +0000 https://www.damninteresting.com/?post_type=upcoming&p=67977 Hunting For Kobyla:

On a January day in 1964, something remarkable happened: Simon Wiesenthal took the afternoon off. He parked himself at a table on the terrace of Tel Aviv’s Café Roval, soaking up the sunshine as if he wished to bottle it. The friend he’d come to meet was late, but Wiesenthal had no reason to complain. […]

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The Unceasing Cessna Hacienda https://www.damninteresting.com/the-unceasing-cessna-hacienda/ https://www.damninteresting.com/the-unceasing-cessna-hacienda/#comments Tue, 26 Oct 2021 12:26:58 +0000 https://www.damninteresting.com/?post_type=upcoming&p=64968 The Unceasing Cessna Hacienda:

Warren “Doc” Bayley was a man of the people. When he and his wife Judy opened their Las Vegas resort in 1956, Bayley had no plans to compete with the flashier, corporate casinos at the center of the Strip. Instead, the Hacienda Hotel catered to families, as well as to locals who wanted a night […]

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The Kingpin of Shanghai https://www.damninteresting.com/the-kingpin-of-shanghai/ https://www.damninteresting.com/the-kingpin-of-shanghai/#comments Thu, 26 Aug 2021 12:40:55 +0000 https://www.damninteresting.com/?post_type=upcoming&p=62927 The Kingpin of Shanghai:

Respectable heads of state rarely admit to keeping company with gangsters. But in April 1927, about 15 years after the collapse of the last imperial dynasty, Chiang Kai-shek and China were at a crossroads. Chiang had followed a murky path to leadership of the Chinese Nationalist Party, the Kuomintang. Although the Kuomintang was rivaled by […]

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