14 November 2019

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13 November 2019

Feral Hogs Find and Destroy Cocaine Worth $22,000 Hidden in Woods

How Ellis Island shepherded millions of immigrants into America

The next graphene? Shiny and magnetic, a new form of pure carbon dazzles with potential

Experts crack mystery of ancient Egypt’s sacred bird mummies

Unknown virus discovered in humans

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How to Peer Through a Wormhole

This Spacecraft Will Detect if Exoplanet Skies are Cloudy, Hazy or Clear

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Behind Los Angeles’ Bitter War to Abolish the Olympics for Good

Intel is still struggling with the truth about its processor security flaws

How the Dumb Design of a WWII Plane Led to the Macintosh

American Gothic: On America’s unease with the darkness in its past

Fastest star ever found is being flicked out of the Milky Way

Ultima Thule renamed to avoid Nazi link (the name is now ‘Arrokoth’)

Is There Life on Super-Earths? The Answer Could Depend on Their Cores